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The curators at Eos believe programming music for use in business environments is completely different from programming for consumers. Eos still offers traditional music formats, but they’re simply too narrow to work in many business applications, where music must appeal to the widest possible range of demographics, from millennials to boomers. That’s the concept behind Eos Broad Spectrum Programming™ (BSP). The music crosses traditional boundaries of genre and generation, but it all plays nicely together. BSP channels naturally include significantly larger playlists than traditional narrow formats, meaning less repetition and happier employees.
  • BSP Beach
    Sand in your toes, a daiquiri in your hand, and a bright mix of tropical jams to keep it sunny no matter how low the mercury drops.

  • BSP Beyond
    There's something a bit ethereal about the artists on this channel... after all, you know what they say about the band in Rock and Roll Heaven, right?

  • BSP Hot
    Upbeat, energetic pop, rock and dance hits of today, with a few New Classics for extra spice. Feel the energy!

  • BSP Jingle
    Ho Ho Ho! Santa's on his way with a mix of all your favorite Holiday hits, 365 days a year!

  • BSP Medium
    The cream of the crop, a curated collection of the best mainstream music of all time; Something for everyone, offensive to no one.

  • BSP Mild
    Mellow, easy favorites; a mix of classic and current lite pop, Adult Contemporary and smooth R&B.

  • BSP Party
    Celebrate good times! It's always a party when you play this channel.

  • BSP Smile
    No downers allowed! You're sure to smile at this carefully curated collection of positive, uplifting, genre-spanning happy hits.

  • BSP Southernality
    A little bit of everything that gives the south it's "Southernality"! Plenty of country, both current and classic, mixed with genre-spanning hits from artists with deep southern roots.

  • BSP Wild Card
    You never know just what you'll hear next on this channel, but we promise it'll be something really cool.

  • Decaf
    Acoustic singer-songwriters & covers; the cozier nook of Perk

  • Fashionista
    Swank blend of progressive indie and electronica; the perfect soundtrack for a shopping spree

  • Perk
    Warm collection of folk and talented singer-songwriters

  • Pop Nation
    All of today's freshest pop hits

  • Spark
    A wide range of all your upbeat pop favorites.

  • Starlights
    Adult Contemporary hits, the best of the best!

  • Uptown
    Soothing vocal pop for sophisticated environs

  • Alt Buzz
    Current Alternative Rock hits

  • Amp
    Timeless classic rock from the 70s and 80s

  • Feedback
    The best of 90s and Y2K-era grunge and alternative rock lives here

  • Generation Rock
    All time greatest rock hits from the 60s to today

  • Rock Garden
    The genesis of classic rock, from the British Invasion and Woodstock to the groovy 70s

  • Sonic Trails
    From the Adult Album Alternative charts

  • The Lab
    Where the newest indie pop, rock and electronica sounds are born.

  • NRG Active Rock
    An active rock collection curated specifically for gyms

  • NRG Classic Rock
    Energetic classic rock curated for gyms and fitness centers

  • NRG Country
    Break a sweat to uptempo country hits

  • NRG Pop
    Hot pop jams for gyms and fitness centers

  • NRG Retro
    Hot retro pop and R&B hits for gyms and fitness centers

  • Joyful
    Contemporary Christian Pop hits. Feel the Spirit!

  • Lamb
    A peaceful collection of praise, featuring soft Christian pop and folk

  • Revival
    The sounds of Southern Gospel

  • Blue Ribbon Country
    Current & modern Country hits

  • Bluegrass
    100% pure American roots music, from Appalachian legends to today's twangers

  • Countrywide
    A mix of the greatest country hits of all time, from the 90s to today

  • Heritage
    Country classics from the 50s - 70s

  • Neon Saloon
    Retro country hits from the 80s - early 2000s

  • Disco Ball
    It's a disco dance party! Relieve memorable dance hits from the 70s & early 80s

  • Easy Favorites
    Relaxing pop & lite rock classics from the 60s to the early 90s

  • Premier Pop
    Pop hits from the 90s and 2000s

  • Throwback
    Memorable pop hits from the 80s and 90s

  • Vinyl Gold
    Oldies from the 50s and 60s

  • Yesteryear
    Pop hits from the 60s & 70s

  • 2K Hits
    Variety hits from the 2000s

  • 50s Hits
    Rocking and crooning hits from the 1950s

  • 60s Hits
    Groovy rock and pop hits from the 1960s

  • 70s Hits
    Swinging pop and rock hits from the 1970s

  • 80s Hits
    Totally rad hits from the 1980s

  • 90s Hits
    Cool rock, pop & R&B hits from the 1990s

  • Chill Lounge
    Chill EDM chartoppers

  • E-Swing
    Take vintage swing from days of yore, combine them with modern electronic beats and production, and you get something indescribably awesome.

  • Exotique
    Chill rhythms from around the world

  • The Burn
    Non-stop Electronic Dance hits

  • Crossroads
    A variety mix of blues and roots, classics and contemporary

  • DownBeat
    Cool modern acid jazz mix

  • Grooveville
    Welcome to Grooveville! Population: All your favorite classic soul & Motown hits

  • JazzNotes
    Classic & traditional jazz lives here

  • Old School Jams
    Classic R&B jams from the 70s and 80s

  • R&B XXL
    An extra large collection of the best contemporary R&B hits of all time

  • Smooth Vibe
    Pure Smooth Jazz

  • Soul Cafe
    Pour a hot cup of NeoSoul and jazz-influenced R&B

  • Sunset
    Smooth Jazz and R&B, instrumentals & vocals

  • Supper Club
    Lite, melodic piano-based jazz, ideal for elegant ambiance

  • Swing Set
    It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ... uhh... line! =)

  • Aloha
    Luau-ready Hawaiian melodies

  • Dirt Road
    Kick up some dust with a rough and ready mix of country, blues and rock

  • Golden Voices
    From jazz classics to modern mature pop, the greatest voices in the history of music live here

  • HeartBeats
    Nothing but lovely, lovey love songs about love. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  • Kids Klub
    Fun songs for little ears!

  • Natural
    Easy listening instrumentals

  • NRG Mixx
    NRG Mixx

  • Octave
    Bach, Beethoven and more

  • Platinum Standards
    The greatest singers of all time, singing classic American standards

  • Plush
    Sink into a cushy, relaxing blend of soft adult pop and jazz vocals

  • Verse-Atility
    Singer-Songwriters and the beautiful music they make

  • Wellness
    Relaxing New Age spa soundtracks

International Flavor
  • Bayou Party
    Cajun & Zydeco favorites - Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  • Bossa Mix
    Hits in bossa nova style

  • Chansons D'Or
    Airs populaires en Français

  • E-Swing
    Take vintage swing from days of yore, combine them with modern electronic beats and production, and you get something indescribably awesome.

  • Irie
    Jammin' reggae favorites

  • La Brisa
    Jazz rhythm direct from the islands

  • La Fleur
    French Canadian & English pop mix

  • La Prima
    Ristorante ready blend of Italian classics and Pop Standards - Suona bene!

  • Los Clasicos
    Latin Pop classics and favorites

  • Mexicana
    Regional Mexican, norteño y banda

  • Moderno Italiano
    Moderno Italiano

  • Northern Lights
    All Canadian Pop & Rock hits

  • Passport
    Explore the sounds of the globe

  • Puro Rio
    Bossa nova, samba, MPB e mais

  • Salsa Mundo
    Salsa y Merengue con fuego y pasion

  • Soca Riddim
    Hot Soca beats straight from the beaches of Trinidad

  • Springbok
    South African pop hits

  • Suena Bien
    Contemporary Latin Pop hits

  • The Border
    Where English and Spanish pop hits meet.

  • Christmas CCM
    A mix-in channel featuring traditional and modern Christmas devotionals from your favorite Contemporary Christian Mainstream artists - use our Custom Channel tool to create your own seasonal mix!

  • Christmas Country
    A mix-in channel featuring Christmas and Holiday hits from your favorite country artists - use our Custom Channel tool to create your own seasonal mix!

  • Christmas Lights
    A mix-in channel with generation-spanning Christmas and Holiday favorites - use our Custom Channel tool to create your own seasonal mix!

  • Christmas Pop
    A mix-in channel featuring modern Christmas and Holiday hits from your favorite pop and rock artists - use our Custom Channel tool to create your own seasonal mix!

  • Christmas Traditions
    A mix-in channel featuring classic and traditional Christmas and Holiday favorites - use our Custom Channel tool to create your own seasonal mix! A blend ready mix of classic & traditional Christmas favorites

  • Feliz Navidad
    Navidad latina llega en varios estilos

  • Irish Eyes
    Eos go Bragh! Tip back a pint of Irish and Celtic Rock favorites to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

  • Radio Transylvania
    Scare up a fun Halloween atmosphere with this diverse mix

  • Red White & Blue
    Blend in this diverse collection of patriotic and America-themed rock, country, pop and big band favorites around the 4th of July


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